Lunch Specials – Friday, 9/12/14

GRILLED HAM STEAK — with mashed potatoes and braised cabbage…$8.50

SNOW WHITE INN — sliced hot roast pork sandwich with colby jack, slaw and chipolte aoli. Served with chips and a cup of navy bean soup…$8.50

HANOVER — huge Hanover tomato sandwich on soft Texas toast with mayo. Served with chips and pickled beets or slaw…$7.95

FISH-N-CHIPS — fresh fried cod served with fries and slaw…$7.95

SOUP & SANDWICH — bowl of soup and a grilled cheese…$6.95 with grilled ham & cheese…$7.95

SOUPS DU JOUR — Chicken & Wild Rice, Navy Bean, Vegetable

VEGGIE SPECIALS — succotash, pickled beets


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