Today’s Lunch Specials

SALISBURY STEAK- smothered with onions and gravy served with mashed potatoes and green beans…$8.95

FRIED CATFISH DINNER- served with coleslaw and fries…$11.95

SHRIMP PO’BOY- with lettuce, pickle and spicy remoulade served with your choice of one side…$10.95

ANDOULLI MEATLOAF- served with a baked potato and asparagus…$8.95

GRILLED OR BLACKENED SHRIMP SALAD- over a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, carrots and asparagus with your choice of dressing…$11.95

GRILLED CHICKEN WRAP- with lettuce, tomato and ranch served with potato salad…$8.95

HOT HAM AND SWISS- on a brioche bun served with fries…$8.95


Navy Bean or Seafood Chowder

Cup…..$3.00 Bowl…..$4.50

Bowl of Soup with a Grilled Cheese…$7.50

Bowl of Soup with a Grilled Ham and Cheese…$8.50


Comments of Questions?

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